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Back in 2002, Karen (KD) Ross took her coffee obsession to a whole ‘nother level by opening Zanzabar Coffee and Espresso Bar on W. 25th St. across from the West Side Market. That small coffee shop made a name for itself and built a loyal following for its mocha “toddy”. Sadly, the shop only lasted a year, but that dream never died. 

Fast forward (really, let’s fast forward) to 2016. KD’s coffee dream is coming back into focus, but now everybody’s talking about COLD BREW. After figuring out it’s the same process as her beloved mocha toddy, she sets out on a mission to try this again. While watching game 7 of the NBA finals where the Cleveland Cavaliers had come from behind to tie the series, she told herself “if they win, I’ll do it”.


And here we are!  After experimenting with various recipes and perfecting the technique over the last year, she realized her cold brew was just as good, if not better, than some of the brands already out there. Cleveland Cold Brew’s following grew every week at the University Hospitals Farmer’s Market, as customers kept asking: “Where else can we buy this? It’s so good!”

Now, as we start this journey to expand into other farmer’s markets, local grocers, stores, and retailers, we want you to come along with us! Shout out to Nicole and Michelle at The Mayfield Smoke Shop in Little Italy who gave us our first shot! 


Yes, we know we’re one more brand with the name Cleveland in it. But to us, that name, this city, proves that dreams do come true, and nothing is impossible…with a little COLD BREW!