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Coffee has a variety of attributes depending on where it's grown - South America, Indonesia, Africa, Hawaii, etc., how it's grown and harvested, and how it's roasted. It's very much like wine - there are so many varieties!

Coffee is described by three distinct characteristics: Body, Flavor, Acidity


Body refers to the weight of the coffee on the tongue. It can range from light-bodied to heavy.

Flavor refers to a variety of undertones and undertones like chocolate, berry, caramel, citrus, wine-y, and nutty.


Acidity refers to how long the flavors remain in your mouth. A lower acid coffee's taste lingers, while coffees with high acidity don't linger as much.

Light Roast vs Dark Roast
Roasting is a heat process that brings out the characteristics of the different types of beans. 

Light Roast - very little oil on the surface of the beans because they're not roasted long enough for the oils to break through to the surface. This roast works best for milder single origin coffees from Mexico and Colombia.

Medium Roast - still has a non-oily surface but stronger flavors than light roast. Roasters generally refer to their medium roasts as American or City roast.

Dark Roast -  produces shiny dark beans with an oily surface. This method gives the beans tangy,bittersweet,rich,smoky flavors. Examples include French, Italian and Espresso Roasts.

We source our beans from Stauf's micro-roaster based in Columbus,OH. They are committed to roasting and serving the best coffees from over 20 countries around the world.